Rabbit Catastrophe Press is based in Lexington, KY.  We publish:

Our Printing Process
Our books are hand made with a variety of perfect and sewn bindings, and our covers are screenprinted by local and regional printmakers.  The design staff loves to experiment with new techniques and materials, so the look changes with each piece we publish. Because everything is made by humans, each copy of a book is unique.

We feel that visually and textually pleasing printed texts provide the physical space to contemplate literature and art slowly and thoroughly.

A Note About Our Title
“Rabbit Catastrophe” is the title of a Robert Musil story from his 1936 collection Posthumous Papers of a Living Author. Read it here.

Managing Editor - Robin LaMer Rahija
Poetry Editor - Kristen Renee Miller
Binder - Greg Lamer
Girls Like Us Chapbook Series Editor: Danni Quintos
Readers: Serena Devi, Hannah Rose Neuhauser, Hannah Rego


General Poetry Guidelines

Submission are now open for Rabbit Catastrophe Review, Issue 15!

We offer one reading period each year, from August 1 - December 1. We ask that you submit work only once per reading period. Send up to three poems at a time (up to six pages total) in a single document. The best way to get a sense of our aesthetic preferences is to pick up a recent copy of the journal or peruse our digital archive at rabbitcatastrophepress.com.

We're very proud to announce that, beginning in 2019, we will offer payment to all poets published in RCR. Our open submissions period will remain free, as always.

About the Tip Jar 

Help support Rabbit Catastrophe Review by choosing our Tip Jar option! Submissions through this category are greatly appreciated and ensure that we can continue producing our beautiful, hand-made journals to house your work. Tip Jar submissions are read and judged equally with all other submissions. No preference is given, just good karma. 

If you can't chip in, no problem! Our editors work for free so we can keep our submissions open and accessible to everyone.

Rabbit Catastrophe Press